Saturday, March 1, 2003

Chapter - 1


Class 9th results were out, and Aakash knew that he might falter, but his optimism was visible through his smile on the way to his classroom stairs with his mom where a fat young lady in her mid 20's was distributing the 'chullu bhar panni' in which the parents have to throw their lovable child to get drowned, his class-teacher. Aakash was giggling all the way whenever he saw any of his classmate getting scolded by their parents. He didn't know that after only few minutes his smile would fade along with his mother's tears, 'which had a faster rate of flow than light'.

On reaching classroom entrance, his heart started beating faster. He changed his smiling face into a sad one, he was good at it. Often people would get melted from his expressions, and he use to enjoy it. Seating at the fourth bench in 2nd row of his classroom with his mom waiting for his turn to come when his result will be disclosed, he went nostalgic about the time when he was famous for his changing seats in class, he never use to seat at one place except in few periods of strict teachers. His friends would vary from last bench to first, as he hardly got close to any. Though he had a group of illogical people which included Shahil (The spoiled richie rich), JP (laloo ka bodyguard as his father worked as a chief security of Lalooji ), Ritesh (Sukha aam), Shilpa(Bhabiji, for her love-life with Shahil), Amrita(hari om, for her affair with some guy named hari), Jai (Pheku, for .... let it be), etc etc were always there. He got many punishments in school life, so he stopped counting, but he had maintained 100% attendance in his school, cause he hated getting bored at home and loved making others bore in school. He could make any stranger talk in fraction of seconds. He loved himself, though he was good for nothing.

When his turn came, he was just trying to hide eyes from two beautiful lady who were all set to cut him into pieces, his mom and his class-teacher.

"What did you do Aakash, i didn't expect this from you", as the words came out from his class-teacher, he had known that luck didn't favoured him this time. He was not the one who believed in luck but people always felt that he was lucky.

"Fuck Me", thought Aakash.

"He didn't make it to next class?", asked his mom curiously knowing the answer but still a hope around for her sweet kid, who won't be anymore sweet from what was about to come and the high-torturing comparison with the other sons of ladies, with whom she use to spend her evening, would be started.

"No, he failed in science(all 3) and mathematics, and we can't promote him at this stage as it is a question of our schools reputation which had produced 100% results from last 30 years in boards", Said the teacher proudly ignoring the pain in Aakash mother's eyes.

Aakash was just hearing for next 5 mins whatever both the lady had to tell about him and his friends, but Aakash hated it, he didn't liked anyone blaming his friends for sins he committed, he did it, cause he enjoyed it. Saying anything in favour of his friends would lead to bigger trouble at the moment, so he preferred to shut-up n listen. Aakash's mom was strong, though she didn't had control over her tears. She went to Principle for help. Principle had known Aakash's mom from last 6 years pretty well, as both of her sons were made of two unique features. Both were famous in school, Sameer for his extra curricular activities and master mind in every field, n Aakash for his trouble making attitude and next big thing he would do to give a shock to everyone. Whatever, both were regular visitors to Principle. Aakash didn't like when his mom pleaded for his studies or anything, but he couldn't help it except taking a oath everytime to himself that he won't let this situation come again.

His mom doesn't scold him much from the time when he ran away from house when he was just 12, with 10 rupees in his pocket(which his ajay uncle gave on visit) and a letter at home which stated that he was tired of himself hurting others and there was no need to search him. His mom used some harsh words for him in tension when He was detained in 7th standard. His mom couldn't gasp air until he was found at the railway station by the neighbours who were on hunt for him. All of his relatives and the whole colony where he lived didn't spared any movie hall, bus-stop, park, etc until they found him seating at station. What Aakash couldn't understand was a person coming to him along with a 10 year old boy who was trying to run away and go to mumbai, he was telling him that 'aaj kal ke bachhe(modern kids), they think that they can go to mumbai and become a star.' Aakash listening to him thought that he hadn't even decided where he has to go, atleast mumbai was not on mind. He hurted his family alot due to his ignorance attitude, and he just wanted to run away... but where?. He was lost in his thoughts until two strong people caught him from behind, he could just hear the voices which were sounding very familiar as he use to hear them every day from his gallery. When he came to senses, he recognized them as Pinto uncle and Chotu as their next house residents. His mother was at relief and always choose her words after that before scolding him.

After few days of hard effort by his mom and constantly contacting one teacher or another, Aakash finally got a chance to prove his worth.

"He will have to give the 1st internal exam which will be held after 3 months, and if he passes, he can attend classes", said the principle which clearly meant that he won't be attending classes for next 3 months. 3 months at home, no one to pull legs, all alone watching those idiotic channels at home, Aakash already started getting goose bumps. But his mom had a sigh of relief that atleast her son won't have to waste a year. Thinking about that even Aakash was feeling better.

Meet Aakash.. A kid with thousand of dreams to conquer, who can't live without teasing his teachers,friends, classmates, parents, anyone he possibily can and sometimes the one even u can't imagine.. Another thing which he enjoys besides pulling legs was wasting time - he masters this art.. give him any valuable time, n he knows how to make it useless.. He never took life seriously, so life too had been a li'l bit unfair to him.. But he doesn't mind it, he hardly knows what regret is.. Never says sorry to anyone.. N best part, he loves himself the way he is.

Nothing mattered to him, except the moment.