Monday, August 17, 2009

Love Redefined - Epilouge

What can u say about a 15 year old boy who fell in love?

That he was an average looking guy with a pure heart n too naive to understand the complexities of the four alphabetical letter word - LOVE -

Even he didn't know that he can cry sometimes, feel unusual beating in his left chest, blush unreasonably on just hearing a name, smile weirdly on just a thought of someone, will start missing someone 24*7 round the clock, would wait hours for just hearing a voice which makes him feel complete, would feel alone in crowds, would be ready to do anything for someone just to have a look, would be able to clear even NASA exam if that would make her his for always, would cut his veins if someone gets angry on him, would try to commit suicide if he fears that he won't get her, would agree to whatever someone says never thinking what or how it would affect him, would abuse her just to make her forget of himself, would wait for her for years, would accept that she started loving someone else, n still wait for her...

I bet, if he ever knew he wouldn't have dared to LOVE... but he did..

Chapter 1 - Results Out

Chapter 2 - The First Look

Chapter 3 - IDIOT - What does it mean?

Chapter 9 - What's in it Aakash?

Chapter 10 - On Way...