Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Chapter - 3

"IDIOT - What does it mean?"

"Why isn't she coming to coaching?", inquired Aakash as it has been almost a month since he joined the coaching and couldn't see Ria after their first encounter.

"She might be busy with her internal exams, and she came last week but you bunked that day to catch the latest movie, u only told, right?", replied Shilpa with questions surrounding her mind about Aakash curiosity in Ria's matter.

"Oh.. So stupid of me.. Why the heck i went to see that movie.. anyways, did u talked to her, when will she be coming again?", Aakash said feeling guilty for watching movie n missing his classes(missing the chance to see Ria again)

"Ya, i did.. She might come today, the coaching has still 15 mins left to begin. But why are you so concerned about her? Anything Special..", Shilpa was a bit in jumble as Aakash was asking whereabouts of a girl.. So unusual of him.. He was known for his rudeness and blunt attitude in school in matter of girls, She started assuming that might be Ria had told something to Aakash which he didn't liked and he is waiting for a chance to take revenge.

"Nothing Special, I just liked that girl and wanted to see her, I mean, her face is still bothering me in my dreams..", Aakash said knowing that all his friends including shilpa are going to get a shock.

"What??? you like her... Are you alright Aakash? U are saying that u liked a girl.. I hope u are not in mood of any pranks again", Shilpa was now worried about Ria cause she couldn't believe what Aakash said just now.

"What do u mean by 'i liked a girl', do u have any doubts about my being straight.. N i m not in a mood of joke. U better concentrate on ur studies n Shahil.. ", Aakash said being rude as he didn't wanted Shilpa to know that he was in deep trouble, too deep which even he didn't measured.

"Shut Up! U better need to concentrate on studies and be away from these matters, I suppose, u are into love", Shilpa could see the spark in his eyes on hearing that Ria would come today.

"Love n me, Have u gone nuts? U know me, n don't run ur mind over it..", Aakash wanted to explain more when Jai interrupted in between.

"Hiii Guys, Wassup.."Jai told in his usual manner to pretend himself cool which Aakash didn't liked as it never suited his personality.

"Hai Jai.... n here comes our Teacher, He really has superb methodologies of teaching.. I just wish all his students are regular to his classes else they would miss his shortcuts for algebras n integrations"
, Aakash said with a hope that Ria comes to coaching regularly n he can see her more often.

"Ya ya, we know where u are heading at",
quoted Shilpa clearly understanding the deep meaning in Aakash's statement.

Aakash was feeling bore as 15 min had passed n still Ria didn't came. He was in a mood to prepare a excuse n go to his best friends home to feel better. He just stood up and said, "Excuse me Sir".. He heard a voice suppressing his request, "May i come in Sir?"... Ria just entered the coaching, Aakash turned around to see the interruption in his 10 mins hard thought excuse of having a pain in stomach. Aakash was again stucked, staring at damn hot Ria. His wait was over after a month. She finally came. He couldn't remove his eyes from hers till the teacher said, "Come in Ria, Yes Aakash any problem?"... Aakash fell short of words, he wanted to say Hai to Ria and how much he waited to see her, but she didn't even knew him, might be she was unaware of his name as well, n besides he has to answer his teacher with another excuse for disturbing him in between.

"No sir, actually i m feeling damn thristy"
, Fast excuse, Aakash couldn't think of anything else n his stomach ache were already gone on seeing Ria.

"Water is kept on that table, u could have taken it silently, without interrupting me in between.."
Said teacher pointing to the left corner table where water was always available in abundance.

"Sorry Sir, n thanx(for coming)", he uttered the second word very silently that it was audible to only few students sitting near to him including Ria who just catched her seat in the front row.

"Is he mad, What's his name?"
, asked Ria inquiring about the new guy in coaching whom she noticed twice staring at her.

"Ya he is, totally gone case.. U will come to know soon, just wait n watch.. Aakash",
answered Shilpa who was sure that Aakash won't sit quite if he liked or disliked someone, he never did in school, teachers always gave him ultimatum to leave the class.. few teacher entered the class with a repeated phrase," Either Aakash would sit in class or me, so u guys decide", On which each boy started requesting Aakash to leave the class, Aakash never denied his friends or classmates request.. he would politely move out saying, " Why are u spoiling the future of other students sir, i am the best student u can ever get, but u are having a bad luck"... The teacher would comment on his back, never infront of him as he had always a readymade answer for them.

Aakash drank the water and change his seat to second row, just behind Ria, shifting Jai a bit.. although it got congested and few studious students started feeling uncomfortable but in last one month they have known Aakash to raise problems against him.. Aakash will give a convincing excuse to teacher, making them feel insulted. Aakash concentration got deviated from blackboard to Ria's big round ear-rings which were just a bit smaller to bangles size, but they were lookin' awesome half hidden under her long hairs.. Aakash got lost in her hairs.. They looked so beautiful, just like his Mom.. he use to play with his Mom's hair n wanted to do the same but controlled himself telling, "Excuse me mam, can u please remove ur hairs from my desk.. I m not able to concentrate"...

"What? R u an IDIOT, How my hairs are coming between ur concentration.. N it's not on ur desk", Ria whispered silently so the teacher doesn't get disturbed.

"IDIOT... u know what it means, i m not interested",
Aakash just wanted to continue the conversation as he loved her voice..

"What do u mean by u r not interested? what does it mean, stupid"
Ria questioned.

"I Do Ishq Only Tumse- IDIOT, u know what u r proposing me n i m not sure m in love with you till now, Give me some time"
, Replied Aakash in his cool attitude, trying to impress her.

"Look, Don't try to act smart with me... N stop disturbing me, lemme study"
Said Ria smiling on his weird answer.

"Ya when did i said u to talk to me, u were only finding excuses, i just told u to remove ur hair, btw whats ur name"
Aakash told trying to act more smarter.

"What will u do with it?"

"Will cook a dish out of it, stupid, what do people do with name... "

"Ria, n plz lemme study Mr. Aakash else sir will get angry"

"Oh!! So u inquired my name beforehand... Seems u are really interested in me"

"Will u bother to shut up else i will have to tell Sir that u are not letting me study"

"Ok... Ok.. Don't feel shy... I can understand.. "

Ria didn't wanted to answer him anymore cause she knew that he won't shut up.. She was tired of these boys tact's of impressing girl, cause she daily use to hear a new one from guys... She knew that she was born beautiful...

Meet Ria, 15 years old, Elegant looks, cutest smile, n killing eyes. She loves herself and her family which included her parents, elder brother and simmi (her bitch). She lives life on her own terms and there isn't anything on this planet which she ever wished and it didn't got fulfilled...Whatever she wanted, her brother and daddy would bring infront of her even before she tells.. Her dreams are her life.. She is pampered by everyone, infact she deserved it.. She is intelligent at mind but naive at heart, She is smart with unknown people but stupid among friends.. She is emotional, lovable by anyone, people would fall after her smile, although her eyes were enough to make boys crazy, n her voice is just like a 4 year old kid which is thin and sweet that can melt anyone,no matter how angry he/she is.. She was made perfect, God must have wasted more than a year on creating her... Unlike other girls, she loves chocolate, shopping and dancing.. Life has been a roller coaster for her as things always came easy to her... She would get mad if things didn't go according to her wish, n even god had to change his plans if it came in her way, She has a very high level of curiousity, caz of which she wants to try everything once in her life, She has always believed , "One life, enjoy it to the fullest".. She has a golden heart which brings lots of care for animals and needy... She never cared about whatever the fuck people talk behind her, She just does what she feels right.

Things did mattered to her, unlike Aakash...