Friday, June 13, 2003

Chapter - 4

"What's B.I."

Running from home to coaching was not the thing Aakash tried on daily basis. It was more than 5 kms and today there was an auto strike, Aakash didn't wanted to miss the coaching(n miss the chance of seeing Ria).. although he knew he would get late, he kept on running without any books or even a pen, he was habituated to it... Except in schools he never carried any bag, in few tuitions he bothered to take a copy n pen where the teacher was a li'l bit strict. He knew that Shilpa was there in coaching for taking care of his copy n pen thing, in few matters he was dependent on his friends. All his way he was just lost in his talks with Ria which happened last friday, although he didn't wanted whatever happened.. But all her words were roaming inside his mind 24*7 , whatever happened after the 'IDIOT' day. He went into flashback...


"Give me this book.. I need to solve few numerical.", Aakash said to Ria on reaching tuition without anything with him, as usual.

"Can't u see, i m already solving numerical from it, stop disturbing me", Ria told concentrating back on the maths book.

"Hellooo Mam'.. I have no interest in disturbing u, just give me this book and do whatever u want... Caz this book belongs to my friend..", Said Aakash hiding his emotions that disturbing her or talking to her was the only thing he wanted, Shilpa's book was just another excuse.

"So.. N excuse me, Shilpa is my friend as well, so i can't give u this book, go get it from some one else", Ria said in her stubborn manner.

"Look , i don't want to argue with you, n me n Shilpa are friend from years, So if u go by friendship, i have got the legal rights to use this book, Isn't it Shilpa?", Aakash's moved his eyes for the first time since he came inside towards Shipla.

"Right", Shilpa whispered with a sad mood as she had a fight with her love, She wasn't at all concentrating on their conversation.

"Friendship is friendship and whoever came first must have the right to use this book, ain't it Shilpa", Said Ria now directly looking into Aakash eyes somewhere enjoying his silly arguments.

"She is also right Aakash", Shilpa said giving a cunning smile to Aakash and trying to show that she was helpless.. even Aakash didn't wanted her to help.

"Look i don't know anything, before Sir comes i need to solve few questions, he had told me yesterday only.. N i need this book right now", Aakash said with making his eyes bigger to Ria. His heart started beating faster as Ria was not moving her eye from him, but he couldn't look elsewhere also, caz he always wanted to get lost in those eyes, n for the first time he was that close to Ria, he didn't wanted to look away, neither he was bothered about other dozen of boys n girls who were just looking at their cat-fight from last 5 mins.

"So, what can i do in that Mr. Aakash.. U should learn to carry your books where u have to study, infact u don't even bother to carry a pen.. I am not giving u this book, so no need to waste ur valuable time over it." Even Ria was not bothered about the boys and girls who were now staring at them.

"Hey, U are saying as if u have carried ur book.. It would better if u give this book urself else i will have to snatch it from u", Said Aakash moving more closer to Ria n keeping his finger on the side of the book, their eyes locked to each other.

"As if, i m letting u snatch it from me", Ria said holding the book tightly and removing her eyes from Aakash and concentrating on saving the book from him.

"Give it to me, else u will end up facing a bad repo among ur peers, n don't hold me responsible for........" Aakash wasn't able to speak further as snatching the book he got so carried away that he realised that his right hand was holding Ria's left hand tightly n they both got so close that they could hear each others breathing... Aakash heartbeat started running faster and he couldn't believe that he was holding Ria's hand.

"We'll see who'z gonna suffer, leave this book else i will scream loud.....", Ria stopped in between when Aakash removed his hand from hers silently and left the book, she could feel the hold of Aakash now as she was out of the book game n could just see the whole class staring at them eyes wide open... She just realised how stupid she has been.. N why didn't she stopped Aakash when he touched her hand.. She noticed that Aakash lowered his eyes which was constantly staring at her from last 15mins. She blamed herself for letting her get into this awkward situation.

Aakash wasn't thinking as Ria, infact he wasn't thinking at all, he fell numb.. he just removed his hand from Ria's caz he had seen everyone staring at them with weird look n he didn't wanted Ria to feel bad about it.. His heartbeat increased as he felt her touch, was it her soft smooth skin or he always wanted to touch her, hold her, feel her... He just left the room saying trying to make the situation normal,
"Shilpa, i don't mess with girls, let her have it... She need to study more as i m B.I."

Ria wasn't in a state to comment further, forcing herself back to books she pretended that she was studying, but something was bothering Ria... Ria felt something inside and was confused that was she right fighting with Aakash or she shouldn't have let this situation come. Whatever, She vowed to herself, she will never again argue with him.

Aakash felt tired, exhausted, n was looking for water.. He had still 1 kms to cover up to reach his coaching.. He waited at a stationary shop and demanded Sprite(the only drink he liked). His mind was occupied with Ria ..Sprite n Ria were the only things which he needed when he felt thirsty..

He reached tuition 10mins late n before entering inside he was just praying that Ria might have come, she didn't came after last friday thing, n somewhere he was blaming himself for it..but she came today... He entered and catched the 2nd row behind Ria, whom he missed alot in past 1 week, when she didn't came he use to sit in last row, upset, alone, lost...

Thinkin' alot of how to start a conversation, he dropped his pen forward near Ria's leg and said,"Could u just pass me the Pen?"

Unaware of Aakash's mischief Ria picked up the pen and slipped it behind on the table. Aakash was expecting her to say something but she didn't.. Aakash felt guilty and started thinking of another excuse to talk. He was lost in deep thought... when passing the bottle Jai asked him , "Will u have water?", Aakash frustrated, unable to find any excuse, bluntly said no and moved his hand which resulted in slipping of bottle form the table and the water fell in front row, just on Ria's bag...

"I'm so sorry, it wasn't intended.. i m extremely sorry", said Aakash feeling really guilty.

"Its ok, never mind", Silently said Ria as she wasn't well from last week because of which she couldn't come to coaching... She was in no mood to talk.. but she knew Aakash won't let her keep silent...

"It isn't ok, i mean, i didn't wanted to bother you, i don't even know what u have been thinking of me after our last incident.. i m heartedly sorry for that day also..", said Aakash, he wanted to apologize for everything.

"It's perfectly alright , don't mind, i m a li'l bit unwell", Even Ria knew that Aakash didn't did it intentionally....

"U r not well, what happened?? , I didn't knew about ur bad health.. I m so sorry", Aakash got concerned.

"Are u habituated of saying sorry?? Why are you saying sorry for my bad health, i mean u were not the reason for it... btw how many mistakes u make per day that u have got the habit of saying so much of sorry's?", Ria also wanted to talk to him, she liked his kiddish attitude.

"Not exactly, but if u want, i can do anything for u... saying sorry is not a big deal n feeling sorry i never try caz i m always right..",Aakash came back on his real nature... the don't care attitude..

"I knew that u don't feel it.. the typical Aakash.. n what's B.I., last friday u just said to Shilpa that u r B.I. n u don't need to study?", Ria was curious from last friday itself but cudn't ask that day...

"Ahhh... B.I. stands for Born Intelligent, u know... I don't need to study all the time like fools, i just study on last hour n still score decent marks...", Leaning back confidently said Aakash.

"Huh!! U n intelligent!! that must be the joke of the millennium... Shall i laugh on it or...i presumed that B.I. might stand for Born Idiot" Saying this Ria couldn't control her smile...

"U know people like u who study all the time would never realise the hard work we put in in a day... Forget it... n lemme concentrate on my studies, i need to clear all the papers to attend classes..", Aakash felt an insult but he liked her smile and would do anything to see it on her face...

"I heard your story from Shilpa.. So Aakash baba is trying to concentrate, try n try until u succeed...", jokingly said Ria.

"U are making fun out of me... huh.. forget it, m leaving, sorry for bothering you... bye..", Aakash left the coaching in between as he felt bad whenever anyone tried to sympathize with him... He hated sympathy and jokes as well which were more hurting than funny...