Monday, June 30, 2003

Chapter - 5

"Exams Fever"

Almost after 3 months Aakash entered his school premises, he was excited but worried at the same time, cause today his exams were about to begin... on basis of which he will be allowed to attend his classes... he missed the school a lot and his mischievous act in class as well, but he knew how to engage himself, so he hardly thought about a single thing for long..(he just hoped he could do the same about Ria who occupied his mind round the clock) ... He entered the examination hall with his usual 11th hour study.. it's was maths paper and he knew that it's gonna be tough, as all his math classes were diverted towards something more complex, more beautiful... Aakash just didn't wanted to fail this time, else he would ruin everything, his mom's hope, his own image(his over-smartness).. After going through all the questions, he started counting the number of marks of the answer he knew perfectly and whether they would be enough for him to manage pass marks.. 5 marks fell short in 40 (pass marks) and he had no idea of the other questions and maths was not a subject where his stories would work for him.. He started lookin' for help, he never cheated in exams, caz he didn't believed in faking himself.. but at the moment he just wanted help for 5-10 marks, to keep safe side... He didn't wanted his mind to roam elsewhere, but it was moving .. not to cheat, but how to win Ria's heart.. He solved the questions he knew in 45mins, and didn't had the courage to cheat for rest of the marks he needed.. After thinking a while, he solved a question of 10 marks twice... He took the risk, he was use to.. as rumours were that their maths teacher sometimes gives marks for the same question if solved twice and got unnoticed, in hurry.. In an hour, he submitted the answer sheet surprising all his peers as they thought that at least this time Aakash would sit for long and would have worked hard for attending his classes, even they missed him.. to a extent, when they got bored of few lectures.. if Aakash would have been in class, he would have handled the teacher.. He was the life of his class. His innocent face was his only support even in his worst mischiefs. Aakash was roaming in his school, remembering old days where he use to play, sit, tease others, pee.. he was waiting for the exams to get over when he would meet all his classmates after long time.. In half an hour almost all his classmates were out of examination except few highly studious students..

"How was your paper and how is life going?", Amrita asked seeing Aakash after 3 months.

"Paper was good, questions were easy as usual and answers tough.. Life is also goin' smoothly, it's only like i miss my class and u all very much... what about u?", replied Aakash cause he really missed coming to school.

"Mine paper was fine, n life is good... We all miss u too, but Shilpa told that u are busy with some serious stuffs these days.. Good going Aakash", Shilpa didn't hide anything from Amrita and about Aakash and Ria, how could see, cause it's was first time that Aakash was involved somewhere..

"What? She might be kidding.. U know me.. But yeah, the girl is really awesome.. i mean most b'ful i have ever seen", Aakash can't avoid any talks related to Ria.

"Oh.. So when are we going to get her see, 'the most b'ful girl ever made'..", Now it was Amrita's turn to tease Aakash.

"Shut up.. First let me talk to her and then some fine day, if all goes well, whole world will see - me and her - together", Aakash wanted to talk more about Ria but the bell rang and many of his friends surrounded him and Amrita, diverting their topic to current exam and preparation for next one.. For Aakash these topics were useless, cause neither he knew how his exams went nor he was prepared for next one so early.. It was still one day gap for chemistry paper.

After a week completing all his papers, he was sure or rather hoped that he will pass.. His mom was still not sure but deeply wanted him to do well.. Sameer knew how much Aakash had studied, so even he was worried.. But Aakash wasn't worried at all, worrying about any thing was not in his nature.. So, he was moreover concerned about his maths classes.. He was waiting for another week when the coaching would begin again.. In his thought of every unimportant thing in this world he just heard a ring.. Someone called and nobody else was at home, the call can't be for me, thought Aakash who knew that phone calls at his home usually came for Sameer or from his family members whom he was hardly interested in talking to.. Unwillingly he picked up the phone...

" Hello.. ", Aakash said when no one spoke on the other line..

"Hai, You are at home?? N i m waiting for u since last half an hour in Sandwich(a famous restaurant in Patna)", Aakash heard a voice of a girl whom he wasn't able to recognize.

"Sorry.. Y u are waiting for me, n even if u are waiting why didn't u called earlier", Aakash understood that the call was for Sameer but he wanted to play a prank as his and Sameer's voice were too similar to distinct on phone, many people earlier also misinterpreted them.

"What do u mean by why didn't i informed u.. U only asked me to meet, and told me come at Sandwich.. How can u forget", the girl said angrily still misunderstanding Aakash as Sameer...

"Ohh... i suppose u are talking about Sameer, he left the house 1 hour ago, he might be reaching soon.. don't panic..",Said Aakash smiling and enjoying his own prank..

"U Aakash... ah.. i m sorry.. i mean.. u both brothers have such a similar voice that i didn't recognized... how silly i m.. Hai Aakash.. Rini this side.. How are you??", the girl really felt stupid infront of Aakash.

"M fine, n nothing new, bro's all girlfriends get confused on our voice..", Aakash had a fight with Sameer last evening n he wanted him to face some problem.. n he got the best hit.. he didn't wanted to miss a chance to pull Sameer's leg.

"All girlfriends?? What do u mean by that Aakash, he didn't told me about it.. How many girlfriends he has??", Rini got worried as Sameer told her that she was the only one.. and she wanted to know it from Aakash..

"C'mon.. i was just kidding.. take lite.. and Sameer might be reaching in few mins, so u should hung up", Aakash didn't wanted to hurt Rini, so he kept quite.. but he left a spark..

"ya, u r right.. So we are friends, right? N i hope to talk to u again soon..", Rini wanted to be in touch with Aakash to spy about Sameer.

"Sure, have a good time... bhabhiji", Aakash understood the reason behind her willingness to be in touch with him. And calling bhabhiji had become a habit for him as all the girls who were even friend to Sameer , did liked it and blushed on the word.. all of them had a big crush on Sameer and his intelligence... Sameer was famous in his schools for girls going ga ga over his hard core debate over any topic and his fluent english...

"What.. Stupid.. u must get a nice beating.", Rini was smiling, and couldn't hide it.

"take care of urself and my bro", Aakash wanted to make everyone happy, that was his biggest problem.. but he knew telling bhabhi to all of Sameer's girlfriend will definitely have a pay back... Sameer won't spare him easily, he will complain it to Mom.. but Aakash enjoyed all this pranks.. without his mischiefs, he felt incomplete..

"bye n take care n be in touch", Rini hunged up..

Aakash kept the phone smiling on his hard work for creating problems for Sameer.. unknowing that Sammer was about to break his nose in evening, if mom wouldn't come by the time Sameer does..N his mom had told already on leaving home...

"I wouldn't be able to come today, m going to Seema bua's place... Have cooked rice.. fry it at night and have it..."

Aakash was ready for the fight with Sammer as he knew either of the one would end up crying,

unaware tonight it was his turn...