Thursday, July 17, 2003

Chapter - 6


"Aakash u don't seem to be in well condition, Y don't u see a good doc.. U saying that u liked a girl?? Is ur body temperature alright, lemme check..."
, touching his forehead said Sanjana who was very much worried about Aakash's new concern about a girl, She knew Aakash very well n they were best buddies from last 1 year. They didn't needed words to express themselves. Both of them understood each other perfectly, n they both can't see the other one in trouble. Sanjana worries started as she heard about Ria for the third time from Aakash.. caz Aakash never talked about any unknown girl more than once to her.. She has gone through the pain of love and didn't wanted Aakash to run in this mess.

"Stop Kidding Sanju, U know what, She looks so beautiful, i have never seen any cute girl like her, her smile is like a rainbow...... n her eyes are so sexy... C is the perfect package, i think i should fall in love now, even i want to try this love thing... What do u think?", Aakash knew that Sanjana understands him more than himself, but he didn't discussed all the time about Ria cause even he was not sure about his feelings. Now he was helpless. Sanjana was the only person who listen to all his idiotic ideas and figured meaning in it. She was his best friend and his day wouldn't complete without talking to her. He always left home early for coaching as Sanjana lived near by the coaching center and his attendance at Sanjana's home was more compulsory than his coaching.

"U are out of ur senses..It is just infatuation.. It hasn't been much late, get out all these and concentrate on ur studies.. Btw how was ur exams?", Sanjana wanted him not to face the complexities of Love.

"Exams went well, i l manage to pass.. N what's wrong if i feel for her, U know me, She is the first girl i am talking about so long.. I feel that there's more than just infatuation.. Else she wouldn't have bothered me in my dreams every second day from last 3 months.", Aakash was sure about his feelings but just wanted a confirmation.

"You saying that u have been dreaming about her from last three months?"

"Ya.. U know what happened yesterday? "


Aakash was over with his exams work and just wanted to get lost in Ria. He was sitting behind her and was waiting for the coaching to get over so that he can talk to Ria properly. He hadn't got time to tease her or listen to her voice in past one month. He was desperate to hear her voice. He was seeing her red top which fitted her voluptuous figure perfectly..suddenly he noticed the strips of her white bra which was visible at her left shoulder.. He got concerned and didn't wanted anybody else to see it, but couldn't help much.

All he said was ,"Can u just open up ur hair.. It looks more beautiful when it spread all over rather than tied at a single place.."

"U are really mad.. Someday u have problem with my open hair which comes between ur concentration and other day u have issues with my tied up hair... n why do u think that just because u say i will change my hair-style... anyhow, i have oiled my hair today, so i can't open it", Said Ria getting irritated over the idiotic Aakash.. Sometimes he was too hard to bear.

"It was just a suggestion.. i just can't force u to look more beautiful, already boys are dying."

"Shut Up."

The class got over and Aakash quickly came outside. He was waiting for Ria and Shilpa to come together, so that Shilpa might help him in his mission to talk to Ria. They didn't came for next 10 mins as they were busy discussing few
questions with Sir.

"Why are u waiting Aakash? U didn't went with Jai..", Shilpa said coming along with Ria and knowing the reason behind Aakash waits. Aakash noticed that Ria's hair were no longer tied and he smiled inside feeling proud of himself as if he saved a girl prestige.

"Actually.. i wanted to ask u something.. Would u guys mind, if i walk with u till the auto-stand."

"No we wouldn't.. N Ria.. U were telling something about ur other coaching.", Shilpa started talking to Ria avoiding Aakash who was now walking along with them.

"Ya.. I have to reach there in half an hour and my brother couldn't manage to come today.. I don't know how i will be going.." Ria was worried as she didn't wanted to miss her coaching which she usually do, due to some reason or other.

Aakash interrupted in between, "What to worry about in that... i will give u company till ur coaching.."

"Sorry, i don't go anywhere with strangers", Said Ria smiling at Aakash speed.

"Who said we are strangers.. U know me, my name Aakash, Father's name....., mother's name....., date of birth......., place of living......, now i suppose we have known each other well enough to call as Strangers.. " Aakash said as if he was giving an interview.

"Shut Up.. Just by knowing ur name and detail we can't call ourselves as friends.. N no use of forcing me cause i m not going with u", Ria didn't trusted Aakash enough to go with him somewhere.

"How will we be friends.. atleast give the idea.. anyhow, u won't get a better company than me..."

"When time will come.. we might become friends.. but not now... I will better go home", Ria said moving faster along with Shilpa.

"He is right.. he can accompany u till ur coaching.. He is a nice guy.." Shilpa wanted to help Aakash but knew that Ria won't agree to it.

"No Shilpa.. Let it be.. I will attend it tomorrow"

Aakash had already slowed down cause he understood Ria's insecurity. But he was not the one keep quite. Just few meters before the auto stand the road was filled with water. There had been some leakage issue and he noticed Ria n Shilpa returning back to catch another route. Luck was favouring him, n he didn't wanted to Shut-Up.

"Hey Ria... Would u mind if i pick u up and make u reach the other side near auto-stand."

"Shut-Up.. n no thanx we will walk from there and reach by ourselves", Said Ria pointing towards the other route which was longer but dry. Shilpa couldn't stop smiling on Aakash boldness, he was not the same Aakash she knew who doesn't speak much to girls.

"How many times in a day u say 'Shut-Up', remember... anyways.. Your Wish.. ur beautiful legs.. Keep giving pain to it.. " Saying Aakash started walking behind them singing at the highest pitch the most idiotic song ever -

"Ruuk ja wo dildiwane, puchu to mai zarra... ladki hai ya hai jadoo, khusbu hai ya nashaa.. pass wo aaye to, chuke to mai dekhu zarra..."

.. In between he stopped.. He couldn't believe himself, he was teasing a girl, how bad, n how cheap... Ria was sure by now that Aakash has some mental problem and sharp memory(unknowing it was only in her matter) and Shilpa was just preparing for the next day in school where she will take Aakash's class in front of their friends.

"So u tell me... D0 u think it's just infatuation.. I am doing idiotic things on streets.. anyday, people might come and trash me for teasing a girl..", Aakash completed his narration of last day incident.

"I can't believe it Aakash...U and singing on the streets and such idiotic songs...I think u should propose her??"

"What? Propose.. i mean.. What are u talking about?"

"How will she come to know that u have seriously feelings for her.. u need to propose her for that dude"

"Ya, u seem to be right.. but what if she says NO.. I would die.."

"Shut-Up.. U wouldn't die for just three months thing.. Try it... Propose her.. And if she says NO then i will propose u.."

"What makes u think that i will accept ur proposal?? N do all girls have got this Shut-Up habit .. Btw when should i propose her??"

"N what makes u think that i will really propose u.. I said it cause u wanted to die on her denial.. N what sort of silly question is it that when should u propose her.. Propose her tomorrow itself..."

"What?? Tomorrow.. I m not prepared.. N how do people propose each other.. I have no idea.."

"It's not a exam that u need to be prepared for it.. N anyhow u don't even prepare for ur exams, so why are u worried.. Come with me, lets buy a card from Archies and write a letter for her.. that's all.."

Sanju and Aakash went to near by Archies shop and selected 2 cards out of many dozens which were decorated for proposing someone, or saying someone that how much u love them. Sanju selected both the cards for him and bought a love letter pad as well. After a hour of searching and deciding they came back at Sanju's house. Sanju's Mom was worried as it was already 7pm and a call from Aakash's Mom has already bothered her.

"Where have u guys gone.. It's too late, and Aakash ur Mom called up, she was worried abut u.. I told her that u both went to purchase a book..", Sanju's Mom was really understanding, She loved Aakash for his cuteness and childish behaviour, n somewhere she knew how much Sanju liked him which even Sanju was unaware of.

"Mom.. Do u know, Aakash liked a girl and he is going to propose her.. We went to purchase card for him at Archies.." Sanju knew that Aakash would feel weird at this description but they both were the same, habituated to pulling legs.

"No Aunty.. She is kidding.. I mean.. U will get a tight slap Sanju..", Aakash wanted to hide his smile but couldn't and Sanju's Mom understood.

"I don't know what u kids are upto.. In this age.. u guys seem to be too grown up.. Aakash does ur Mom knows about it or should i inform about her daughter-in-law", Sanju's Mom said with a smile making situation more awkward for Aakash.

"No Aunty.. This all things are stupidness, the day i will fall in love i will inform Mom n U myself... For the time being, let us study", Saying Aakash dragged Sanju along with him in her room.

"Mom.. Please bring a tea for me n coffee for Aakash, n give him best wishes for his proposal", Sanju was a masterpiece, just as Aakash.

"Sure, All the best Aakash", Sanju's mom was no less.

"Are u mad.. why did u said everything infront of Aunty, what will she think of me.. "

"She is too cool to think about it much .... concentrate on what will u write in ur love letter.. I mean, ur first love letter..."

"Ya .. I didn't thought about it.. U say what should i write.. I m quite inexperienced in love"

"Is that a taunt on my messed love life.."

"No stupid.. Do u think i can ever say that way.. Say na, what should i write.."

"k.. How do u want ur love letter to be.. Simple, romantic, sweet or funny.."

"I will go with funny.. It suits my character.."

"Damn Fuck.. u are so idiotic.. anyways.. I have a funny letter which Jai gave me last week.. He founded somewhere on the internet.."

"Show it...."


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