Thursday, July 24, 2003

Chapter - 7

"School Bunking"

It had been a week since Aakash was waiting for Ria to come at coaching so that he can propose her, but even imagining that situation would give him goosebumps.. What if she says NO.. Wouldn't it be stupid of me or an insult among my peers.. But for the first time, Aakash wasn't worried about his insult in girls matter.. it was really a big thing, a very big deal for Aakash.. Today he had bunked his school and went for a picnic spot with his mates.. And sitting on a monument in Maner, 25kms away from Patna he was lost in Ria's world, her killing eyes which never left him alone, her sweet voice which he was still trying to recall, her warmth which he felt sitting behind her in coaching, her hairs in which he use to roam around, he was missing everything about her, even on being at a picnic spot with his best friends.

Maner was just an instant plan. J.P. & Shahil were the one who thought of the idea
and presented it to Aakash, Aryan involved as he has nothing else to do in life except wasting his time, money and sick jokes.. All four of them had planned it a day before to bunk the school, but poor Aakash was too honest to hide anything from his Mom..And he didn't wanted to fake anything after 3 months of sitting at home, he was somehow very glad to attend his classes again. So he politely asked his Mom about his trip adding some project purpose in it.. n being the best Mom she allowed her cute kid for his Project Work. J.P. took his Marshal and they were all ready to get-set-go at 7am in their school dress except Aakash.. It took them half hour to get out of city and another hour to reach in Maner. Maner is well known in Bihar for its Bari and Choti dargah in the memory of Sufi saint Hazrat Makhdoom Yahya Maneri of the 13th century. Maner is also famous for it sweet delicacy ladoos made with pure ghee(clarified butter). Unfortunately, out of both, none were the purpose of their visit to Maner, they just wanted to bunk the school and spend that time elsewhere, n Patna City has nothing to offer to satisfy their quest. Shahil was aware of Aakash's plan to propose Ria as Shilpa didn't hide anything from him. And Sanjana and Aakash had to involve Shilpa for their master-plan as she was the only link between Aakash n Ria. Shahil noticed Aakash getting involved in his own world (Ria's World), so he just shouted...

"Hey J.P. and Aryan.. Do u guys know Aakash is about to propose someone.. "

"What?? Aakash will propose someone.. Is it a boy or girl?" Said Aryan as usual with his poor and instant jokes.

"Shuuup.. Mind your own business.. I don't think u will ever understand what feeling is, so better be out of it..", Aakash didn't wanted Aryan to know about it as he never trusted him and has seen him always making fun of everything he possibly can.

"Oh.. He is just kidding.. U know him Akki.. Who is it.. Someone in our class??" J.P. also got curious about Aakash love interest.

"No, She is in his Maths tuition's... where Shilpa also studies..", Said Shahil blushing on his own girl-friends name.

"So sweet Shahil.. When u both couples are fixing a girl for me", Aryan was habituated to his habit.

"Will u keep ur fucking mouth shut or shall i put some shit in it...", Aakash anger was visible in his eyes, he couldn't tolerate anything against Shahil n Shilpa as well, forget Ria..

"Ok.. baba.. Seems something serious cooking up.. I apologize for my words.. but when are u proposing her and how this shitty idea strike u.. n btw what's her name, if u don't mind?",
Aryan understood that Aakash never got serious usually, but when he did, he was to hard to handle.

"He is just waiting from past one week for the chance, but unfortunately she isn't coming to coaching..n this idea was issued by Sanjana n the name of the girl is...." Shahil stopped as he didn't wanted to name her without Aakash's will.

"Ria... the most beautiful girl ever made.. n mind ur words from now on, if they are against her i won't tolerate it..", Aakash was clear with his statement.

"Ria & Aakash.. sounds like made for each other.. So we'll are invited at proposal or not?" J.P. interrupted as he knew if Aryan would say something, it can never be good.

"As if it's our marriage ceremony.. Ofcourse u guys are invited, i need moral support if she denies.. tomorrow 4 pm, sharp.. n Don't be late..", Aakash didn't knew how he is gonna propose her and he just wanted his friends to be with him, in uncertainty, if any.

A wall in corner attracted Aryan's eyes and he started moving towards it.. The wall was filled with names of stupid lovers who thought that their love would get immortal on scribbling their names on monuments. "Ravi loves Pooja, Sunny loves Kajal, n to the endless list now our new lovers are joining which will make their love forever and ever till eternity... Aryan & Ria.. oopsss.. i mean, Aakash & Ria"

"I will show u how deaths are made memorable", saying Aakash picked up a big stone nearby and ran towards Aryan.

Aryan had already sensed Aakash's movement and started running towards the car. J.P. and Shahil also ran behind Aakash to stop him. Aakash threw the stone just escaping Aryan's head. Aryan got at relief and asked a millions of sorry's for his jokes. They were feeling hungry and sat at a restaurant near by. Shahil being the financier always, sat first looking at the menu's. Aakash joined him along with Aryan. J.P. went to wash his face with water, as he was habituated to it. In day he would be caught washing his face more than 20 times in schools. Aryan was in his mischievous mood. So as soon as J.P came, he got active. J.P. was wiping his face with his handker-chief when he tried to sit down on the chair... Aryan hit the chair with his leg forcefully... before J.P. could put his ass on chair it was thrown away and J.P. fell down hurting his butts. But, that was not all... the chair broke down in the procedure and the manager came up.

"What's wrong.. What are you guys upto..", Said the manager feeling pity on his broken chair.

"Nothing, actually it just got broken when our friend was trying to sit on it.. seems like old chair..not strong enough to bear our friends ass.", Said Aakash jokingly enjoying the moment.

"Oh.. i had seen that guy hitting my chair with his leg. U guys will have to pay for it..", said Manager pointing his hand towards Aryan.

"O.k. who said we won't pay for it.. go n bring four chicken briyani, two dal-makhini, n rotis .. and add this chair's cost in ur bill.. now will u f....", Shahil was about to abuse but Aakash stopped him as he didn't felt that the Manager had done anything wrong.

"Cut the crap guys... So Aakash how are u going to propose her?", Aryan said pretending nothing happened.

"U should learn to behave else i will give a real pain in ur ass... ya Aakash how have u planned to propose her..",
picking up another chair and sitting on it said J.P.

"I don't know.. I just bought two cards with Sanjana's help and have drafted a funny letter which Jai got on internet.", Aakash said

"Jai - are u talking about 'fekku'... I hope he is not involved in it, else he will ruin up everything with his over-smartness.",Said Aryan for the time showing concern about Aakash seriousness.

"No no.. he is nowhere involved.. Sanju had shown me the letter... Will u guys read it, it really funny...", Aakash was to desperate from past one week to give this letter to Ria, but now he just wanted people to see how funnily serious he can get about his life.

"Ya sure.. Show us.. Even i am unaware of it..", Saying Shahil snatched the letter from Aakash's hand and started reading it aloud.

My Dear FAIR & LOVELY (Ek tukda chand ka),

You are my TVS SCOOTY (First love) and also my AIWA (Pure passion). I always BPL (Believe in the best) and you are SANSUI (Better than the best). You are McDOWELL'S (Mera No. 1) love. I believe in FRESHIYA (Gorepan se jyada, khoobsurti ka vaada) and you are most beautiful in this world. I think of you day and night when you give one and only smile. You are DOMINO'S PIZZA (Delivering million smiles a day) for me. This is COLGATE GEL ENERGY FRESH (Seriously fresh) feeling for me. I would like you to be my life-partner.

I think you are worried about your father who is KAWASAKI BAJAJ (The unshakeable) and also thinking of my father who is CEAT (Born tough) but don't worry, I'm also FORD ICON (The Josh machine) and rest of our family members are KELVINATOR (The coolest one).

If they say no, we will run away, marry and PHILIPS (Let's make things better). For them, it would be MIRINDA (Zor ka jhatka, dheere se lage) and our thinking will be COCA-COLA (Jo chaho ho jaaye, Coca-Cola enjoy). Trust in God who is always NOKIA (Connecting people) those who love each other and WILLS (Made for each other). Once this happens, SAMSUNG (Everyone's invited) in our love. We will be HERO HONDA (Leading the way of our life). Then our life would be BOLERO (Break-free).

Know that HYUNDAI (We are listening) the songs of our life. Then, you must realise that love is DAIRY MILK (The real taste of life), SATYAM ONLINE (Fun, fast, easy), PARX (Always comfortable) and also AMUL (The taste of India). For me HOME TRADE (Life means more). So, never forget me. And I know that I have written very little because PEPSI (Yeh dil maange more...)....

LG - Digitally yours :)

"Are u proposing her or advertising these brands? Quite weird..", Said J.P.

"U think that she will accept that u love her on this funny letter", Aryan commented.

"Obviously she will have to accept Aakash as he is.. the sweet, cute, funny, n now romantic as well.. Just see he has the guts to give such a unique love letter on his serious thing.. I bet, she will accept on his guts.", Shahil was always positive about Aakash.

"Whatever will happen, we will see... Are u guys coming tomorrow???", Aakash wanted all of them.

"4:00 pm,sharp, we will be there..don't worry", All three said in one voice.