Monday, July 28, 2003

Chapter - 9

"What's in it Aakash?"

Sitting at Sanjana's home Aakash was listening to Old Hindi Songs, to name a few, Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda, barbadi ki taraf aisa moda.... Zindgi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar, koi samjha nahi, koi jana nahi..

It has been three days since Sanjana had seen Aakash smiling, from last friday... since he proposed Ria, n she rejected.. Sanjana was worried, and so was Aakash, " What do you feel Sanju, Why she rejected me? On what grounds? For the first time in my life i loved someone and she...."

"Chill, She is stupid, if i had been at her place i would have accepted your proposal, may be she is too unlucky to have you in her life.."

"C'mon, stop consoling me , i need a reason... it can't be like this.. i am going to coaching now.. and she will have to answer me.. Why?"

"Shut-Up..You are not going to Maths coaching anymore, i know u wouldn't study, u never did and even u know it better.."

Aakash knew that Sanjana was right, he hardly concentrated on his Maths numericals, his calculations were always related to how to initiate a chat with Ria. But now he didn't wanted to see her again, after what happened on last Saturday...


Aakash went to coaching to collect his broken dreams, his silly feelings, his idiotic wish.... the card and letter he gave to Ria.. As she told she will be coming today to return it. His mind was not in his hand, he was not able to think. He reached earlier at coaching and was waiting for her to come. She came and sat at first row as usual, but today Aakash was not behind her, he sat at the last bench. Although students were less today, but Aakash didn't even looked at her when the class was on. He just wanted the class to get over, so that he can take his belongings back. He was heart-broken, shattered, and numb. He didn't believed in God but last night he was talking to stars, seeing a falling star he wished that Ria understands him, his love.

As soon as the class ended Ria along with her mate Kajal went out. Aakash was unable to decide that should he go behind her or not. But he had to, else she will be gone. He wanted to talk to her and he knew that she doesn't want it anymore. He followed her, a few meters ahead, Ria was in no mood to stop. Aakash went clueless and gathering his courage yelled her name. She started walking slowly hearing that and Aakash increased his speed.

"Hai.. You were suppose to return whatever i gave u yesterday?", Reaching near her said Aakash. He didn't looked at her.

"Hii... What do u mean by whatever. It was card and letter. right?", Said Ria smiling.

"Look.. I am not in a mood of joke.. Please return it", Aakash was frustrated a bit.

"Hmm.. Actually i had torn it.. So how can i return it...", Ria said.

"Torn it?? You told that you will return it today.. and now you are saying you torn it.", Aakash's frustration was increasing and Ria was enjoying it somewhere.

"But your friend told me, either to return it or tear it. I chose the second option.", Ria could see the pain in his eyes but she was confused herself.

"ok.. thanks for your kindness..", Aakash couldn't bear it anymore and saying it he started waking away from her.

"Bye..", Ria wanted to talk more but Aakash was gone, She felt that she had done too much, but it's done.

Aakash was highly angry on her, if only he was not taught manners, he wanted to slap her right away. What makes her think she is so beautiful and can have this attitude, thought Aakash. He controlled his anger which later on resulted in tears whole night.

"Where are you? what are you thinking? Ok fine.. Let Shilpa come, we will tell her to ask Ria abt the reason of her denial.", Sanjana couldn't see Aakash in tension.

"Ok... And please switch off your music system or change the songs, you made enough fun of me."

"Fun... Why do u think so, i just played these songs as they match your condition...", Sanjana wanted Aakash to smile.

"And when i will trash you, you will not get a song to match your condition", Aakash said smiling for the first time.

"Well, there is one, Dost Dost na raha...."

Shilpa came after few minutes and Aakash and Sanjana requested her to ask Ria as if why she said no to Aakash. At first Shilpa was hesitating but saying no to Aakash is like inviting problems for her own, She knew only Ria was excluded from his rule. Shilpa was always grateful to Aakash for whatever he did for her and Shahil, and she understood Aakash. Shilpa went to coaching at 3 pm and Aakash was recommended to spend that time at Sanjana's house. Shilpa would talk to Ria in coaching and would come to Sanjana's house again. All decided, Aakash was still worried, he never thought that a girl would do this to him, he usually was the one who bothered others, but for the first time, he was being bothered deep inside.

"Hey Aakash, i have called Shahil, he will be coming in half an hour along with J.P. and Ritesh. Shilpa is also about to come, you cheer up."

"Why did you called them... anyways it's 5:15 and Shilpa didn't came yet. The coaching would have been over at 5."

"Ya u are right, we shall wait for few minutes then we will go and check her out."

"As you say, hey what do u think, what will be her excuse"

"Who's Shilpa's.. as usual, was talking to Sir or whatever till her gossips ends"

"No... Ria's"

"Shut-up.. Think other things. You need to be strong."

"Shall we go now..."

"Ok baba.. let's go and find her.. her message is damn important.."

Aakash and Sanjana were going to find Shilpa, they just crossed few stairs, when they saw Shilpa coming upstairs.

"Damn hell.. Where were you for so long.. ", Aakash couldn't control his excitement, no matter what the response was.

"Aaaaakash... Wherezz the party???", Shilpa said in one breath yelling at the highest pitch of her voice.

"Party?? For what.. You know what i am going through.. Broken, Shattered, and still u are in party mood.. What did she said?", He was not in a mood of his usual jokes, he couldn't think of any at this time.

"She didn't said anything, but had sent something for you.. We need a party..", taking out a gift wrapped box she said.

"What? I hope there isn't bomb inside to take revenge for proposing.", Aakash couldn't make out really what was happening, but he felt positive enough to pass a joke.

"C'mon we will have to open it too know what she sent..", Sanjana said watching Aakash curiosity.

While Aakash was unwrapping the box Shilpa was telling the story of how she got angry on Ria for her behaviour and had said hundred of things which were in favour of Aakash and contradicted Ria's decision. And how Ria didn't said a word and had just gave the gift to Shilpa saying, " Tell him to attend his coaching and concentrate on his studies."

"What's in it Aakash?", Sanjana was equally curious about Ria's gift. What is she upto now, thought Sanjana.

Aakash hand were trembling as he was about to open the gift, his mind filled with thousand of questions...


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